You are a MOON MYSTIC Lightworker! What does this mean? Well, you probably have a strong intuition and an innate quality of being in the flow. Your balance comes from syncing to the moon and the magic around the night. You may find already that you have strong dreams, more motivation around the full moon, or even naturally manifest your ideas into reality when the moon is in its brightest phase.

Struggles: you might have trouble committing to things and find that you second guess yourself

Strengths: you may find that you can easy see peoples true motivations and see to their soul quickly

Lightworkers who work with the moon often find themselves teaching people how to understand their moods better, make peace with both their light and dark sides, and helping clients through shadow work. They help others get into a natural rhythmic flow with their lives even if this means helping them apply routines for success.

The best course for you IS: Moon Phaseology (Level 1) 


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