You are a CHAKRA CLEARING Lightworker! What does this mean? Well, you probably have a strong feeling of being ready for a new stage in your life–ultimately you are seeking balance and ease. Your balance comes from releasing old baggage and grounding yourself by healing with color. You may find that you already have a strength for finding what is wrong, a problem, or feels missing– you might even call yourself a natural problem solver, especially when it comes to others. You may also find that you are drawn to color, art, or are a visual learner.

Struggles: you may find it much easier to help others than to pinpoint exactly how to help yourself, you may have trouble applying yourself when it comes to doing hard spiritual work on/for yourself

Strengths: you are a natural counsel, people go to you for advice and usually take it too!

Lightworkers who work with the chakras often find themselves teaching people how process old baggage and traumas so that they can find more peace and balance. This can be done with a chakra healing session or (since you are a natural at it) a coaching session. Chakra Clearers help others to release, and reset their lives, plus give their clients tools to help them find balance each day.

The best course for you IS the: Chakra Healing Practitioner Course


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