So, you have ordered or purchased store bought crystals, now what? Before you use your crystals in what ever fashion you desire there are a few pre-use to-do’s.

Clear your crystals

This is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is place your crystals in your non dominant hand, sit in a comfy place and meditate on them. While holding them (one stone at a time) you send healing and clearing white light to them and ask that they be returned to their most true state and form, and that they be cleared of any energy.

Here is my go-to: “I ask that you be returned to your original state for the highest healing and highest good for everyone involved in your use.”

Essentially what you are doing is clearing the crystal of energy absorbed before you and asking that its healing qualities be amplified.

Smudge your crystals

Again, a simple process. Light your smudge stick or incense and go to town. This is just another way to clear the energy of the stone and give it some lovin’. I personally am enjoying using loose smudge for this process, because you can place your stone directly in the smudge in most cases.

Attune your crystal to you

Carry it around for a bit, get acquainted with it. It should feel good when you are holding it. If you get the feeling this stone isn’t speaking to you or just doesn’t feel good, its probably not for you- ask yourself if there is someone in your life that could benefit from its qualities and gift it. I find that 9/10 times I purchase a stone and get it, if it doesn’t speak to me, that it is directly applicable for healing for someone I know.

Charge it

If you don’t have one yet, think about picking up a charging crystal. A specific (to you) quartz crystal or selenite plate for charging your crystals. You can set your stones on it in the sun, (as long as they are safe to be in the sun and wont fade- this all depends on the crystal) or in the moon light. This is just another way to amplify the charging.

Now you are ready to use your crystals for healing!


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