We are manifesting all of the time. Yes, you heard me, all of the time. From the thoughts we think to the actions we take, our energetic imprints determine our outcomes. You thoughts actually begin to frame the world in which you live in. Have you ever heard the saying “Like attracts like” ? That is the premise of the law of attraction which is the key to manifestation. What you send out energetically you will receive back. Our energy informs our outcome.

So, for example say you are walking around thinking ‘today is going to be a good day’, then you happen to find $5, a stranger buys you coffee, and your best friend calls you for lunch at you favorite restaurant. Pretty good day right? That thought you had, informed your reality, actions, and outcome. Your thought of having a good day, provided you with a great day. Now take the opposite scenario. You think your day is going to go poorly, you end up spilling your coffee, walking into a puddle, and your kid gets sick. Again, your thoughts have informed your outcome.

In essence your thoughts, verbalizations, actions, and energy (how you actually feel) can make or break you.

Manifestation takes the law of attraction one step further by then harnessing this quality to seek results towards a certain goal. We throw a little intention behind our thought, and you have a ball of energy that is rolling towards bringing you what it is that you desire. Manifestation is creating thought, action, and energy that leads towards an end goal whether that goal is physical, emotional, spiritual. People use manifestation to get jobs, to find more abundance, to get clarity on their dreams, find relationships, bring into being actual objects, housing situations, relationship resolve, family ease, and so much more. Therefore we have to be so careful to safe guard our thoughts, verbalizations, and actions, and keep ourselves in check to make sure we are pointing those things towards what we really want in our lives, not towards what we do not want to have.

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