Wondering what all the moon hype is about? Our moods ebb and flow just like the moon phases because the moon rules emotions, and bodies of water (which we consist mostly of about 70% roughly.)

If we learn to we can start to use moon phases to our benefit by joining our daily efforts with what would be most effective for the moon energy in the universe during that time.

Let me teach you how you can learn your own moon cycles and emotions, how to chart the phases, what things to do and not to do in each phase, and crystals that can support you in each step of your journey. Use the moon’s energy in your favor! 🌕

You are only a couple clicks away from finding out how to use the moons energy to your advantage…

Are you ready to access your unique flow, know how moon affects you, and use moon energy to super-charge your life?

The Moon Phaseology Course is perfect for you!


Are you ready to use moon energy to super-charge your life, create more stability and cultivate a deeper self awareness that can help you find harmony? The Moon Phaseology Course is perfect for you! You’ll learn how to balance your life based on your best times for work, play, and rest, and tap in to your true and powerful potential. Join us in the Moon Phaseology Course, we are waiting for you!


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