What is a Mala Necklace?

A Mala Necklace is a great tool for spiritual beginners.

They are more than just a piece of but a purposeful and energetic tool for mindfulness.

Malas are used in meditation and mindfulness as a focal point or drishti (eye gaze- internal and external.)

Holding your Mala in your right hand to the right of the large bead with your pointer finger and thumb you begin to scroll through each bead until you reach the opposite side of the strand. As you move through each bead you repeat a mantra (or affirmation.)

For the optimal use choose a mantra that resonates with the purpose of the types of beads in your necklace. For example turquoise beads and Rose Quartz are for communication and love.

A matchinng mantra would be “I shall only speak words grounded in love.”

Some other simple mantras are: I am love, Be still and know, Sat Nam, and Om

For more on how to use a mala, check out this how-to video:


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