Over the course of a month, I have been contacted by quite a few collectors asking me the same thing- my crystal broke, what does this mean? That said, here we are!

So, your first thought when your crystal breaks may be, ‘this is bad’ or ‘something bad is going to happen.’ In reality, there are many reasons why a crystal can fracture or break off and some of them happen to be very positive.

Reason 1. You left your crystal in a place that wasn’t conducive to it.

Some stones are particular about their environments. For example quartz that have pigment to them should not be left in the sun for very long (ex. amethyst and celestite) it can bleach them and make them soft therefore they can fracture. Fluorite is another example of this. Fluorite has natural fractures within its composition so if you leave it in an unsuitable condition for a while it can break along those faults (fluorite should also not be in the sun for very long if at all.) If you have placed your crystal in water for too long and it is a soft rock it can also break or dissolve. When in doubt check the Mohs scale.

Reason 2. You were working with one crystal for a long time or repetitively.

In my opinion crystals need breaks. If you work with one consistently for a while it puts into the stone a high frequency and if you don’t give the stone what it needs (charge it and clear it) it can get overwhelmed. This can cause cracking or breaking. Make sure you feel out your crystals for when they need to be recharged or cleared. Even if its broken your crystals will still work, this may be just a sign to give that one a rest for a while.

Reason 3. Your work with that specific crystal is done.

Sometimes a crystal breaking is a sign that it has given you the healing that it can, and that it is time to move on to another crystal. You can keep the broken crystal, gift it or give it back to Mother Earth. Use your intuition.

Example: I had a collector contact me about an amethyst breaking. After ruling out possible environmental causes, I asked what work primarily was being done with the specific stone. This particular person was using it for healing for a lost loved one. At the time when the stone broke she felt that it had given her a lot of healing and that it was time for her to move on to meditating around other experiences in her life. This same person had multiple mala necklaces with healing crystals in them break after major breakthroughs in her life.

Reason 4. It is meant to share.

Sometimes all you have to do is a little reflecting on your life and what is going on in it at the time. In some cases a stone will break when it is time to gift a piece of another person. Sometimes this just takes more digging to realize than the other scenarios. Take a look at the healing qualities of that specific crystal and see if someone you know may benefit from that type of healing.

Example: I had a collector contact me because one of their crystals broke, again after ruling out environmental factors, I realized this stone was one that absorbs negative energy and someone close to her might need that. After digging deeper I learned that her cat was going through health issues and needed healing, so I recommended she put it where her cat sleeps.

Example: I had a collector contact me because a small crystal broke off of a quartz cluster she had, and the next day she learned she was pregnant! Coincidence?

When in doubt meditate with your crystals and ask them why they broke, you never know the answer may come by simply asking.


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