When you think of Essential Oils what do you think of? Well, I bet you know at least 1 person who uses them and loves them (and quite possibly you may have the wrong impression of what they are as well…) Let me tell you my story, and my take on them.

The reason I started using essential oils was because I was fascinated with holistic living and seeking out spiritual tools to use in complement to crystals in my own self-care practice as well as in my holistic healing services (energy healings.)

Essential Oils were something tangible I could suggest to my clients. I enjoyed teaching them how to use them and how they could incorporate them into their daily life.

Then I also began using them in my yoga practices and when I taught as an energy shifting tool. Oils bypass the brain barrier and go straight into the bloodstream which allows them to easily shift your moods (which is what I primarily teach and educate about, essential oils as spiritual tools for shifting our frequencies and for mood balancing.) The fact is, that they are proven effective. I have seen them work in my life and others. But the quality is really important.

They are chemical substances, and they deserve to be respected as so, which is why I get them from a source that I know without a doubt has the highest quality and specializes in oils education, this way you can’t just buy it at say a grocery chain and take it home then end up with a bad situation and a very bad impression of what oils are. DoTerra to me means quality, and support I trust.

Once I decided to join I was provided valuable information that meant a lot to me, and helped me to feel comfortable with how to use oils. Now, I teach others the same.

If you are unsure of what oils are, or have been pestered by someone trying to sell you them, you deserve a good experience. At DoTerra we don’t ‘sell’ oils. You get a discount membership which allows you to purchase oils at wholesale prices, that’s all. No schemes, no obligations, just a discount on amazing life changing products that will help you and your family transition to a more holistic lifestyle. If you are interested more on oils for spiritual and mood use,  join my Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Tribe HERE

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