“I was looking to find myself and expand on my spiritual journey and somehow the Universe sent me Jenn- The Soul Filled Yogi. I had so much fun learning about the different chakra points in the body and I was also able to learn new things about myself in the process! Jenn has an advantage on most people in her field, she is super relatable and is a human sponge of information. Let me just say after taking the chakra healing course, I have been consumed with any and everything spiritual from yoga, crystals, essential oils, chakras, the moon, I mean the list just goes on. My lifestyle and the lifestyles of those around me has definitely changed for the better. I am more aligned, my mindset has improved, I have learned how to always be a light for those around me, my business has grown, and I’m still taking classes with Jenn , learning all the information I can. If you are just a little bit interested in chakras, what they govern, how to open and keep them balanced, this is the right course for you!!” -Porcha C.