“When Jenn says this is a ‘reset’ on your life, she is completely telling the truth. Literally. My entire life I have worked to take a step forward only to be knocked back 3 or 4 steps. I’d try to save money, only to get a bigger bill than what I paid off.. you name it, I had Murphy’s Law, and all of the emotional issues that come with it. It seemed I was channeling every negative emotion from every person in the world. But, the biggest issue was feeling like I was missing something.  Not necessarily coveting someone else’s life, but that they all new a secret that I didn’t it. Why was life so hard?  Then I met Jenn. Getting to know her just made things feel right. We did a lot of talking about myself, my history, my life and what my hopes and dreams were.  Then we did very long heartfelt talk about what this ‘reset’ would be and both of our thoughts on it for my life. I had a lot of soul searching to do. Was I willing to put in the work on my end to uphold with what she was going to do? You bet I was! After working with Jenn felt as if I had a brand new soul, a new body, new feelings and new thoughts! I had my memories of all my experiences, but none of the horrid baggage weighing me down. I am filled with hope, excitement, joy, and looking forward to a life- finally. I will be forever grateful and indebted to Jenn for this work, this opportunity. I am looking forward to the future truly for the first time in my life.  I strongly, encouragingly recommend you contact Jenn and work with her. Jenn will tailor make it for you to help you. I’d trust her with my life. And that is exactly what I did, and I was repaid for my trust with a new life ahead of me and so much joy and light.” -Loren E.