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Crystals For Sleep & Dream Recall

I have suffered from random bouts of insomnia for as long as I can remember, and have always a lot of anxiety around sleeping. Crystals have been a complete game changer for me in this realm! To stimulate sleep, have more sound, and peaceful rest: I keep amethyst under my bed to help stimulate sleep, […]

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Living High Vibe; My Story

You may see my website and think.. This girl is so high vibe, it must be that her life was always this shiny..But, that is not the truth, it couldn’t be farther from it. Years ago I found myself tired, broken, with no clue who I really was–wanting to give up. I spent most of my […]

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Amethyst The Perfect Beginner Crystal

Amethyst is one of the crystals that I suggest all crystal healers, collectors, and newbies add to their kits. Amethyst is an all-purpose stone, meaning that it has many benefits and is extremely well rounded, and safe for just about every use. Amethyst is a meditative, and calming stone. It works on the physical and […]

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Crystal Healing Certification (CCH) How Do I Become A Crystal Healer?

Interested in crystals feeling a little less woo-woo and more every day applicable in your life for more balance? The Crystal Healing Certification is the perfect place to start; beginners welcome! You’ll learn how to apply crystals to many areas of your life (including emotional balance, chakra balancing/ releasing of that ‘stuck’ energy, home energy […]

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Crystals For The Fall Equinox

What is the Fall Equinox? The Fall Equinox is when the duration of day to night is as equal as it will ever get during the year. This is a powerful time for alignment and to find complete balance when it comes to rest and productivity. Agate is a stone of complete balance it is […]

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