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crystals for chakra healing

Crystals for Grounding & Protection

Grounding is an extremely important part of healing work when healing your self or others. Why? Because if you leave people or yourself without proper grounding you leave an openness for unwanted things to creep in energetically. Imagine it like a box of precious items that you just left open on a sidewalk, would you […]

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Your Guide to Healing The Chakras with Crystals

Interested in using crystals to balance your chakras? Here is a quick guide that can help you to assess which chakra may be imbalanced and some crystals to choose from to work with the get your energy flowing free again. Earth Star Chakra (12-18 inches below the feet) Out of Balance: Flighty, Unsafe In Balance: […]

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What does it mean when my crystal breaks?

Over the course of a month, I have been contacted by quite a few collectors asking me the same thing- my crystal broke, what does this mean? That said, here we are! So, your first thought when your crystal breaks may be, ‘this is bad’ or ‘something bad is going to happen.’ In reality, there […]

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