Not sure what essential oils and crystals pair best vibrationally? This series will teach you some go-to matches made in heaven that will do everything from get your grounded to help you have a spiritual awakening!

Spiritual Crystals + Oils Series Day 8:

It is essential to have a good self-care and self-love routine. Taking care of yourself includes supporting your immune system and making your health a priority. Its great to have a self-love routine and put on the candles and do what ever floats your boat, but if you are not healthy most areas of your life will become out of balance VERY quickly. Take care of yourself by keeping your immune system in check, and using a booster daily. Use a drop or two of OnGuard on your feet or grab the OnGuard Touch Roller for easy application. OnGuard is great to diffuse (especially during the cold and flu season) as well.

Breathe is another self-care oil (but is also considered a self-love oil).  It opens up your sinuses, throat, helps you to breathe easier as well as helps with detoxification. Breathe a essential oil blend has Ravintsara in it which opens up the heart chakra as well. This can help aid you in forgivness of others, accepting love, giving love, and learning to appreciate and love yourself.

My favorite use of this oil is actually in my favorite self-care routine- taking an essential oil detox bath. Grab some Epsom Salts put them in a bowl (1 cup-1.5 cups) mix 3-5 drops of Breathe in with some Jojoba oil and throw the mix right in your bath. Feel free to dilute as needed.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of self-love, you can place it right on your Heart Chakra for 7-10 minutes for a self-love meditation and chakra opening. But, better yet you can add it right into your bath water anytime you take a bath or in addition to the recipe above.

Quartz crystals (tumbled) are great for crystal elixirs 💎💧🌸


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