Not sure what essential oils and crystals pair best vibrationally? This series will teach you some go-to matches made in heaven that will do everything from get your grounded to help you have a spiritual awakening!

Spiritual Crystals + Oils Series Day 7:

Have you ever heard someone say ‘mercury is in retrograde again.’ Well, there are always MANY things going on astrologically but this seems to be the atsrological escuse when anything is going wrong in someones life! Yes, mercury retrograde can cause issues withtehcnioogy and can cause us to feel our lessons heavier than we normally do, but this is because when something is retroggrading (in the darkness) it brings out issues or cords with us that are normally in the dark into the light. This is a GOOD thing! We should want to look at our baggage and become more self-aware and do deep exploration and learning.

Sometimes this process can feel daunting but we have many tools to help us in the process. When we feel a lot of energy stimulation, feel heavy baggage and want to bring up a personal revolution from our darkness instead of wallowing in it we have frankinscence. It is a HIGHLY vibrationally charged spiritual oil (holy oil) but is VERY grounding. It can help us bring our learning lessons into the light easily and so that we can see them for what they are, see how the affect us, and embody a big vibrational shift.

We need to shift our vibration to be able to release what no longer serves us or needs to become embodied so we are more whole.

Frankincense is not only a sacred oil but one highly attuned to spiritual ascension and our human walk on the earth, it is one of the highest vibrations but of the high vibe oils extremely well rounded. If you are feeling over stimulated it won’t add to this.

Frankincense is my favorite oil, it’s not cheap though (and if it is please don’t buy it  because it is such a potent chemical and any additives (or a bad distillation process) make this stuff pretty much toxic.) If you want the good stuff look for a reputable brand, this stuff has been studied with cancer research so it’s pretty exciting but it still needs to be looked at as a chemical.

Grounding really helps us during the times when we are doing deep spiritual work.

Grounding is any centering practice, this could be meditation for you, or going on a walk but the common thread is that we ask for support from Mother Nature.

We are connected with nature and it’s cycle. It is critical for balance that we stay connected to that. We can put our feet on the ground daily, or create a request in which we ask Mother Nature to take what we cannot handle.

We can’t be outside all of the time, but red jasper is a great way to carry it with you.

Charge your jasper to nature by burying it in the ground or soil in a potted plant, then carry it around with you daily after. Do this often.


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