These ONLINE go-at-your-own-pace certification and spiritual development courses will help you discover your hidden passions around spirituality. Each adds a new depth of crystal knowledge, bringing you deeper into the world of how crystals relate to other healing forms. The Certified Crystal Healing Course is a great place to start. Any of these courses will teach you how to self-heal. The certification courses will give you the know-how to safely heal others (as well as yourself) if you choose, and business information to provide holistic healing services with your credentials!

The moon is a mysterious and magical being. Astrologically the moon dictates our day to day emotions. From a practical view we as humans are mostly water, and the moon pulls water (that’s how waves and tides exist.) Thus, we can expect that the moon’s pull has some sort of affect on us. Different moon phases cause us to experience different emotions, and when we use these ebbs and flows to work with the moon by creating habits, and using moon-linked crystals, we can become more aware of how the moon specifically affects us, and how we can work with this instead of against it.


You may be missing out on countless signals from the Universe that are meant to give you insight into your life, challenges, relationships and more.. This Higher Guidance system is available to everyone, and when we learn to access it using crystals and other tools, we can recognize signs meant to give us insight, and how to interpret them. Feathers, numbers, colors and more are all clues pointing to priceless pieces of information meant to lead us in the right direction.

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