Looking for something to wake you up? Better than coffee-awaken yourself spiritually. Connecting to universal guidance, and your Higher Self can bring you something that a pick me up can’t; true alignment. When you are living each moment from a place of spiritual alignment you don’t have to think so much, you don’t need a crutch, you simply just thrive with w knowing you are on the right path.

So, if you have been questioning whether you are going down the right path, or struggling with a looming fear or something else that sets the place of your day, you can move into a lighter place by giving yourself a little healing boost.

Crystals and oils can be an added boost to your spiritual work.

Crystals & Oils for Spiritual Awakening

Amethyst is an extremely gentle stone great for Crystal beginners. Placing amethyst on your third eye or even simply keeping it on you throughout the day can help you connect to the spiritual realm, balance your body, calms overactive mental activity, and helps boost meditation.

Juniper oil is another great tool to use for an added spiritual boost. Juniper calms the mind, releases anxiety and fears that keep you blocked in your journey to find a higher state.


Interested in crystals feeling a little less woo-woo and more every day applicable in your life for more balance? The Crystal Healing Certification is the perfect place to start; beginners welcome! You’ll learn how to apply crystals to many areas of your life (including emotional balance, chakra balancing/ releasing of that ‘stuck’ energy, home energy flow so your place has #allthegoodvibes, crystals to help your business/finances prosper, how to make crystal grids, and so much more!) AND if you want to become a healing practitioner this course provides you the foundation to practice crystal healing on others safely (PLUS you get to add ‘CCH’ at the end of your name when you graduate, how cool is that?) Will you join us? click here: Join The Crystal Healing Certification

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