Does it feel like life is happening TO you and not working FOR you?

The bottom line is, you haven’t found clarity or balance yet….

You have tried on your own… You have tried a program. But you still feel like you are walking through the same pattern in your life of depression, and anxiety.

You have had a taste of the joy you crave but you know something is blocking that big mindset shift and your abundance from sticking for real. Am I right?

If your life looks like: replaying the perpetual pattern of… focusing on self-work leading to temporary success- followed by what seems like a shit storm of negativity and emotion- trying to pinpoint the blockage or issue- struggling or fighting your way back to your happy place- only to give up- UNTIL you finally recoup enough energy to try to shift your mindset again…. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Here is the deal;

Most coaches, or those being coached on mindset aren’t looking at the real issue causing the mindset. It is STILL completely one size fits all industry geared toward fixing the symptom. And this DOESN’T work.

What do I mean by that?

You know something is off because you feel like crud, and know something has to change but you don’t know what. So you do self-healing work, and self-discovery but the patterns seem to miraculously come back. These are symptoms NOT the root problem. We HAVE to treat the root cause, and get to the core.

What is at the core is combination of your experiences in this life (traumas, and coping mechanisms, as well as self-stories) and your energetic footprint. And if we don’t correct both the same cycle WILL play over and over on repeat.

A whole approach is needed. To break the bonds of your energetic footprint, reprogram our minds for the big shift, and treat the symptoms that are causing you dis-ease.


The Soul Alignment Mind Shift Program

for intuitive souls, self-discovery goddesses, and magic makers ready to:

  • Access the root of your habitual life patterns

  • Finally feel like their your is not on replay, or that they have no way of changing it, but that they are in charge and are the creator of their wildest dreams 

  • Let go of stories you have created about yourself that don’t define you anymore and cause toxicity in your life by way of self-sabotage, lack of motivation, and stagnancy

  • Get clear on what it takes to find real alignment and stay in it and become seriously empowered

  • Learn your divine gifts and how they can be used to stay in alignment

  • Open up to support from your spirit guides, totem animals, and higher support systems

  • Clear the crap out from bad energetic chains preventing you from getting where you want to be

  • Learn about how to keep a clean energetic footprint by using the law of attraction

  • Manifest big abundance into your life by clearly identifying goals and pursuing actions to accomplish them

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This experience is about stepping up as the leader in your life, the writer of your story, reclaiming empowerment by stepping into who you really are, and letting go of the past. At times this program WILL challenge you, you will be shaken to your core, experience powerful epiphanies, and have aha moments…You’ll gain a life you love, release of your blocks, and massive explosive possibility.


  • Having a support system that gets what you are going through, because they are just like you

  • Having a community to share your wins, losses, struggles, and life with, with no judgement only pure support and sacred space.

  • A group to help you awaken your Divine Feminine Power, that will hold your hand as you transition from force into flow

Sounds like heaven huh?

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  • A 2 Month journey with me and others on the same pursuit as you

  • 2 Monthly (45 Minute) Sessions 1-on-1 with me, working through blockages, barriers and doing heavy clearing work for soul alignment (VALUE $1300)

  • 2 Monthly Group Sessions with our program student support system and guest mindset master hosts + me moderating (VALUE $579)

  • Weekly Workbooks and Self-Guided Activities (VALUE $297)

  • Email Access Support and Daily Distance Energy Attunements (VALUE $299)

  • Bi-Weekly Journal Prompts (VALUE $97)

  • Access to a Private Exclusive Program Space and Portal of Bonus Materials (VALUE $499)

Are you ready for a personal revolution? 

Are you ready to be the author of your story?

Are you ready for your mindset to shift once and for all?

2018 is going to be the year you see lasting shift!


Paid in Full Program Bonuses Include: 

  • A bonus 1-on-1 60 Minute Coaching Session (VALUE $250)

  • Instant Access to a Exclusive Bonus Material Portal and Workbooks (VALUE $499)

  • Early + Exclusive Access (only for Paid in Full VIP’s) to a Quick Start Mindset Workbook on Feb 3rd (VALUE $297)

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Program Starts February 11th 

What People Are Saying: 

“I can’t thank you enough… It just blows me away everyday, and any time I start to have a bad old habit moment and I stop and think and can turn it around and explore why that moment started to happen….”

“I feel as if I have a brand new soul, a new body, new feelings and new thoughts! I have my memories of all my experiences, but none of the horrid baggage weighing me down.”

“I am filled with hope, excitement, joy, and looking forward to a life- finally.”

 “I had been feeling disconnected from my spirit and path for a very long time. Jenn opened my eyes to signs that the Universe had been giving me that I had been oblivious to.”


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