Connect & Collaborate With Your Spirit Guides 

The Connect +Collaborate with Your Spirit Guides Course was designed for spiritual beginners who are feeling disconnected from their inner light…

>You’ll learn to connect with your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems to find support throughout any challenge in your life, or stage of your journey. 

>You’ll become more emotionally balanced and spiritually connected, instead of stressed and anxious, leading you to enjoy more ease on a daily basis.

We ALL have a Higher Guidance system– it is like an internal compass which provides information meant to steer us throughout our lives, and support us through our challenges…

>You will learn how this internal intuitive navigation system works, how it communicates with you, and how to use it to feel guided + certain of your path.

What you get:

  • 4 Weekly Emails Guiding You Through Your Lessons
  • Your Connect +Collaborate with Your Spirit Guides E-Book Course Guide (PDF)
  • PDF Printable Activities
  • Access to the VIP Palace Student Community
  • A completely self-paced course

In this self-paced (self-led) course you will be led through meditations to access symbols that have special meaning to you. These tools will serve you throughout your whole life time. You will have access to Universal support at your finger-tips when ever you need.


MODULE 1 Breakdown-

  • Spiritual Awareness & Connection
  • Increasing your Energy for Balance
  • Spirit Guides, and Signs
  • Amplify Your Awareness
  • Balancing + Opening Meditation

MODULE 2 Breakdown-

  • Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Animal Totems
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides in Meditation
  • Meet Your Animal Totems in Meditation 

MODULE 3 Breakdown-

  • Understanding Guidance
  • Master Guide of Symbols + Their Meanings
  • How to navigate your life with your new found understanding, and higher vibration spirituality


This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…




You will also get access to the course community to share specific spiritual experiences you may be having, and through the course community have access to me.


The Animal Totems E-Coloring Book

(Value $20)

Symbols & Meaning Master Guide Book

(Value $20)

Crystals to Increase Your Intuition & Spiritual Receptivity E-Book

(Value $20)

Total Value: $60 


$50 off of the Manifestation Life Coaching Certification Coming Soon…



This course IS for you IF:

>You desire to use meditation as a daily reflection practice for awareness

>You want to develop your intuitive abilities

>You want to recognize signs (like 11:11, other numbers, and symbols) that give you confirmation you are on the right track, and following the Universe’s path for you

>You want to be able to decipher what these signs mean, and what they are telling you

>You want easy to follow ways to start your self-discovery journey

>You want to slow down so that you are more aware of the support system always around you; your animal totems, guides, and more…

>You want to meet your spirit guides, and discover what information they have for you so that you can better navigate all stages of your life


This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…


PRAISE for Connect +Collaborate with Your Spirit Guides


I have always been very intuitive but haven’t payed attention to the signs around me.  This class has helped me channel and understand the signs that have been right in front of me.  With this new understanding I will be more confident in the steps I am making toward my new goals, and trust the signs of the Universe now that I know what they mean! This class not only helped me in my personal spiritual growth, but also in my business by learning about other signs that apply to my dream interpretations as well! Thank you so much Jenn for all you have taught me and helped me grow! -Meli D





I have noticed signs all my life. Lately more and more. I never really knew how to ask for a sign or decipher the sign itself. This course has opened my eyes to signs I was missing on top of learning more about the signs I’m already seeing! I loved Jenn’s energy and how she shared her knowledge. I am so glad I took this course, and have gotten to know Jenn and some of the wonderful people taking the course. It’s always wonderful to learn, but its even better to align with people and grow your knowledge together. There is just something special about that.-Rebecca P





The benefits of joining Signology have been many. I didn’t realize some of the signs that have been right in front of me that I was ignoring. Working with Jenn is a comfortable, fun, and she is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met. She is always positive, uplifting, and will take the time to answer your questions in detail. The biggest thing that I learned in this course was that I NEED to pay attention to the many signs I see everyday. And most of all that sometimes no sign is still VERY meaningful. I joined this course and group because I have always wanted to learn about the meaning behind signs that show up in my life, and what I have been missing. Journaling and meditating on the signs in my life is going to become a regular practice for me, and I believe I will see real benefits from it. -Erika C. 




Coming soon:  Manifestation Life Coach Certification (MCLC)

You’ll learn how to give energy readings, coach, and bring manifestation to your clients in a BIG way plus become certified through the World Metaphysical Association!

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What People Are Saying About The MCLC: 

“I hadn’t even graduated from the course before I made my first sale! I posted my offering on Instagram, and had a booking from a person I don’t even follow! BAM! Then, yesterday I had a call with one of my friends who was my practicum submission client for the course…. She said it was exactly the confirmation she needed to understand the sort of turmoil she was feeling in her life, and confirmation that she isn’t ‘crazy.’ She insisted on paying me, and sent me $50! This certification, and the guidance I received was the perfect tool to match my spiritual gifts and totally revolutionized how I offer coaching!” -Alyssa R.

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