Have you ever felt like you are here for a bigger purpose?

Like you have something deep inside you that could really change the world?


Everyone has spiritual gifts– yes everyone.

The word psychic shouldn’t be scary, because we all are to some degree…

Your hidden strength or talent though, that may look completely different than someone else.

Just to name a few; clairvoyant, clairaudient, premonition, dream clairvoyance, clairsentient, and empathy.

Don’t have a clue what these words mean? Not a worry, you can learn what they mean and exactly how they can guide you.

I have helped hundreds of people access and work with their unique gifts.

If you have ever thought:

🔮I don’t know what my spiritual gifts are…

🔮How the heck do I make sense of the things I hear, see, or feel?

🔮How can I develop my spiritual gifts or make them stronger?

🔮I know my life purpose is to help people I just don’t know how…

🔮OR what is my next step to move forward on my spiritual path?

Its time to stop doubting that you have spiritual gifts or that you are not ENOUGH to use them to do something!

Time to navigate your life with more ease and confidence.

Psychic Bootcamp starts February 10th

You will discover which psychic abilities you have, we will do a 1-on-1 activation of them together by working within YOUR Akashic Records, and I will be guiding you through meditations, activities, group exercises (with others like you) to teach you how to use your gifts in practical grounded ways. We will also cover psychic and empathic protection so that you are not taking on any unwanted energies daily (which you may have experienced already.)

Week 1- Access & Activate 

Week 2- Awaken & Cultivate

Week 3- Focus & Intent 

Week 4- Practice & Deploy

There are only 7 spaces left in this program.

Save your spot now- pay in full $500 

Save your spot at now- payment plan 4 payments of $125


Am I ready now?

If you are questioning the program, I say this is your intuition calling out to you. Will you listen is a better question?

What if I don’t know my abilities?

That’s perfectly fine, we will work together 1-on-1 within your Akashic Records to find out exactly which abilities you have and if there is a combination of a few we will ask your guides where we should start (we will start with developing one primary gift.)

What is the full price?

The full price is $500 or 4 payments of $125 weekly during the program (you save your spot with your first payment using the link above.)

is this program in person online?

This program is entirely online.

Have a question I didn’t mention? Email me at soulfilledyogi@gmail.com 

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