Does it feel like your constantly struggling to accumulate abundance? Does it feel like you end up replaying the same perpetual pattern of intention and focus- then it feels like you hit a blockage- then a struggle to get over the hurdle of blockage which feels like you dragging your feet through mud- then you put your business, relationship, career, or ______(you fill in the blank) down for a while until you can gain enough courage and motivation to then- try again…

Whats at the core of this pattern? Energy.

Lets try something new that will allow you to move into money flow. In just 4 weeks from New Moon to New Moon we are going to use moon energy to shift your mindset from lack to abundance. You’ll attract money effortlessly by being soul led, using your intuition, and clearing the root problem preventing you from manifesting–your money stories, energy footprint, and feminine-masculine imbalance.

The Moon Phases + Money Blocks Group Program is for spiritual entrepreneurs, and healers who are ready to:

>Feel empowered with Sacred Feminine Energy

>Attract abundance with ease

>Shift their energy, and change their money making habits

>Finally clear old stories and wounds preventing them from moving forward

>Clear the crap out from bad energetic chains preventing you from getting where you want to be

>See shifts reflect in their bank account

> Work deeply on their relationships with themselves and others

>Connect with women who are experience the same things and are dedicated to their own spiritual journey

>Access the innate power within them by waking up their own Divine energy



  • Having a support system that gets what you are going through, because they are just like you

  • Having a community to share your wins, losses, struggles, and life with, with no judgement only pure support and sacred space.

  • A group to help you awaken your Divine Feminine power, that will hold your hand as you transition from force into flow


Moon Phases + Money Blocks starts on November 18th- December 18th

We will be tapping into new moon energy which will cause our subtle bodies, and intuitive abilities to be amplified, this will set the pace for the program to come, and be the date of our first Phase Intention Call.


You’ll also experience: 

-Accessing Your Moon Companion + Life Crystal (known as your Restorer Crystal)

-Moon Bath Abundance Rituals

-(1) Group Intuitive Channeling Past Life Session with me 

-Learning how to use Moon Energy to Clear Your Money Blocks

-Group Energy Clearing for Abundance + Manifestation

-4 weeks of Group Call Coaching

-4 weeks of Journal Prompts for the Sacred Feminine to connect deeply with the Divine Goddess in you, and Grandmother Moon

-4 weeks of training videos live in our private group 

-Meeting and connecting with your spirit guides

-Guided Group meditations 

-Moon Intentions + Affirmations Guide for Next Year of Full Moons

-Predictive Moon Reading Training so you can provide your clients and followers your own moon energy reports and affirmations


Ready to be empowered and super boost your life? 

Payment Options: 

Bonuses for Pay-in-Full

>Get Instant Access to my Moon Phaseology course a $551 bonus FREE

>Get Instant Access to my Manifestation + Universal Flow In Your Business Guide a $100 Value FREE

>Bonus 5th Week Added: Learn How to Coach Using The Moon- Moon Phase Coaching for Energy Readers, Coaches, and Healers

Total Value in Bonuses $1050



Is this program only for spiritual entrepreneurs? 

No this program is for all spiritual explorers. But, you have to be really ready and fully committed to this process. I want to see your life change in a very tangible way, and for that to happen you need to show up and be committed to this work.

Is this program just about money? 

No. We will dive into relationships, habits, time management and more!

What if I go on vacation or am out of town during this time? Can I still take the program? 

You have access to the group page and portal for lifetime, so don’t worry about going out of town. Catch up as you need to. Try to make as many group calls as you can 🙂

How long will I have access to this program? 


Do I have to complete the program within a certain time frame? 

No, you can choose to stick with us every week, or you can choose to go at a slower pace.

What can I expect from this program?

You can expect a shift in your mindset, mentality, even your subtle body at times. My wish for you is that you step out of lack and into serious abundance during this process.

Will you offer this program again? 

I do not plan to offer this program again. Most of my programs are 1 time only. It keeps the process intimate and the community tight knit.


Want to hop on a call with me to see if you are a good fit for this program?

Email me soulfilledyogi {at} 




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