Moon Phaseology (Level 1)

The moon is a mysterious, and magical energetic force. The cycle of moon phases we see monthly cause us to experience different emotions such as; anger, sadness, excitement, joy as we filter through them. When we use our knowledge of how the moon phases affect us individually, we can work WITH the flow with moon energy (ex. using the highly charged energy of the full moon to get things done) instead of AGAINST it.


You will:

>Access your unique flow; how moon affects you

>Learn how to use moon energy to super-charge your life

>Balance your life based on your best times for work, play, and rest.

>Tap in to your true and powerful potential.

>Connect with powerful feminine energy there to help guide you towards your best self

>Release patterns of anger, sadness and self-criticism


This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…

What You Get:

  • 4 Weekly Emails Guiding You Through Your Lessons
  • Your Moon Phaseology E-Book Course Guide (PDF)
  • Moon Charting Printable Sheets (PDF)
  • Access to the VIP Palace Private Student Community

  • First Chance to Register for the Certified Moon Phaseology Coach (CMPC) Coming soon…



  • Moon Phase Basics
  • Main Moon Phases
  • Extended Moon Phases
  • Charting Exercise


  • Moon Phases & Emotions
  • Rituals for each Moon Phase
  • Crystals for Basic Moon Connection
  • Exercise; Meeting Your Moon Companion Crystal
  • Crystal Care & Using The Moon as a Cleansing Tool


  • Astrology & The Moon
  • Assessing Your Astrology
  • Exercise; Understanding Your (Specific) Moon Flows

Note: This course is best to start during the New Moon Phase (or slightly before) CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW MOONS CALENDAR 2018

This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…


Instant Access To Bonuses After Enrolling: 

Bonus #1:

Your Moon Phases Tool-Kit E-Book, and the Crystals + Essential Oils for Moon Phase Management E-Book

(Value $45 yours free)

Bonus #2:

Access to the course community and student group

Bonus #3:

$100 of off the Level 2 Training, Moon Phaseology Coaching Certification for those who wish to coach others around moon phases and become a certified CMPC through the World Metaphysical Association.


This Course IS for you If:

>You are sensitive to the emotions and energies of others and want to have a deeper understanding of why this is, as well as how to manage it on a day-to-day basis

>You are drawn to moonlight and want to discover how it powerfully magnifies your emotions which can be used as a strength to find higher guidance

>You want to increase your spiritual awareness

>You struggle with your emotions and don’t know why, and would like to find clarity around your feelings

>You want to balance masculine, and feminine energy

>You are empathic, and want tools to support you in your journey that can help protect your energy

>You want to access a new layer of your Higher Self to find more ease in your life

>You want to learn about astrology and what it says about your personality

>You are ready to feel supported by something bigger than yourself that will always be there to help you find insight

This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…

After check out, you will receive a payment confirmation and be sent a request to join the group page via email; please be sure to check your spam folder. You will get unlimited access to this group. You will also receive your course guide book and meditations via email.


This course is coming soon:  Moon Phaseology Coach Certification (CMPC)

Moon Phaseology is the level one course and a prerequisite for the (level two) Moon Phaseolgy Coaching Certification (CMPC.)

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Samantha Strom, Co-Owner Chasin’ Unicorns

I feel so lucky and blessed to have gotten the opportunity to complete Jenn’s Moon Phaseology course. Not only did I get to understand better and educate myself on the different phases of the moon, I was able to directly relate it to my personal life and my emotions. I am a very empathic and emotional person, and this course truly did help open my eyes to my emotional patterns correlated to the moon and gave me some insight to the little affirmations and activities I should be doing during each moon phase to best increase my own happiness and productivity.. especially so I don’t get stuck in any negative emotional, self loathing patterns that sometimes happen to me during moon phases. Thank you so much Jenn for allowing me to step up my moon game and truly make the most out of each moon phase (especially full moons and new moons) and helping me stay on track to manifesting my vision.

Courtney Allen, Owner, The Witchy Moon

The Moon Phaseology was AMAZING! I loved her way of teaching and self-study which allowed me to work through this course in my own time. There was no pressure to fulfill assignments, but just space and love to get back into my own flow and the flow of the moon. I loved that this course was jam-packed with information and I learnt new exercises and experiences that I have never tried before. I love the whole set up of this course and I recommend it to you if you are looking to connect more deeply with the moon, or begin your journey working with the moon. The moon is such a loving, supportive and transformative energy – just like Jenn!

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