What Does It Mean When I Find Heart Shapes In My Crystals?

Well, the universe is always sending us signs. When your attention is drawn to something out of the blue, start to make a mental note. Whether it be a number or a symbol, see if it continues as a pattern. Numbers each have meanings as do symbols. They are the universes way of giving you a message and saying ‘hey remember I am supporting you.’

But more specifically, when we find signs in our healing crystals- its time to pay attention!

Have you ever found a heart somewhere strange? A rock shaped like a heart, or a heart shape within a rock formation?

That is the universes way of reminding you that above anything else your own self love is important. Take some time out for yourself today.

Healing the world starts with healing yourself ❤️

It can also mean to bring more joy (from a place of the heart, passion and love) into what you do and this will lead to more balance and alignment.

When we do things from a place of joy we are living within the highest vibration!


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