A program built from my rise from the ashes. Rise sister!

I know how you feel.

Your business isn’t bringing in enough money to be considered a “business.”

Your wondering if this hobby that makes your soul thrive is enough to be a business.

You want freedom from the 9-5 job that makes you feel drained and lead to extreme burn out.

You’re not confident in your business know how.

You want to know how to turn your lifestyle brand into your livelihood.

I know how you feel because I WAS you.

I just entered the yoga realm and knew if I wanted to be a full-time yoga teacher that I couldn’t do it by teaching 5 even 6 classes a week. So, I launched my yoga lifestyle brand, The Soul Filled Yogi. One problem…I had no clue how to make my brand a business. I had a website, I had some content, I wrote blog posts regularly, I even ran yoga challenges on social media for some of the biggest yoga brands out there- but all of this was for free. I was filling my days with activity, but had nothing to show for it. At the end of the day I realized what I had was not a business it was a hobby. I was burned out and felt completely out of alignment. I knew if I wanted to be a real business owner things had to change. I had to up my game. I needed to make money. I dedicated 3 years to learning everything I could about online business, taking courses, trying different things out, even changing my major to Communications & Marketing specializing in online business. I applied what I learned and turned my lifestyle brand into one that provides me with a gorgeous income that allows me to pay my bills, put money in the bank, and I know my worth and feel comfortable accepting top dollar for my sacred business offerings which allows me to serve greater and sprinkle good out into the world through donations, scholarships, coaching, and SEVA.

Up leveling your business in necessary. None of us are born experts. Expertise takes learning and dedication to a life’s purpose. This is why I created the Biz School. So, I could teach sacred business owners and wantreprenuers how to make money- REAL money.

You are a money manifesting mogul. Its time to Up-Level your business.

Biz School teaches wantreprenuers and struggling entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their income how to create a thriving business and create more freedom in their lives.

How this path will change your life:

    • How to make manifest money into your life

    • How to create your brand around your purpose and find clarity in your messaging

    • How to create a website and self-review your website copy

    • How to up-level your business through an alternate sales funnel

    • Access to tools to keep you in constant alignment daily

    • How to get in alignment with your business and stay in alignment which translates to positive cash flow and more freedom



Certification & Skill Cultivation:

Develop Your Brand Identity

Clarify Your Why

Build Your Business Foundation

Website Building

Website Self-Review

How to Create Effective Sales & Web Copy

Creating Your Masterful Content & Messaging

How to Bring an MLM Company into your Sales Funnel

How to use Essential Oils for a Holistic Business


Self-Healing & Healing Arts Training:

Learn how you are sabotaging your business

Manifestation for Money

Seek Your Purpose

Learn the Warning Signs of Burn-Out

How to Seek & Stay in Alignment in a Sacred Business

Essential Oils for Business Balance, Motivation & Manifestation



Video/ Audio, Online Reading & PDF Print-Out Friendly Go-At-Your-Own Pace Online Courses:

21 Day Business Program & Online Support Group

Sacred Biz Training Course

7 Steps to Clear Messaging

Website Self-Review Guide

Creating On-Brand Content in Less Than 1 Day Guide

5 Day Fast Start for Sharing Essential Oils Online Group

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