How good are you at setting goals, then going back to look at them?

This is something I struggle with. It is so easy to set an intention, but to do the work is the real commitment. It takes dedication and integrity to stay in line with the steps it takes towards moving to your goal, and being in real alignment every step of the way throughout your day.

Did you know that only 8 percent of people actually accomplish their goals? That leaves 92 percent that do not.

It’s quite a staggering statistic. Why is this?

People set goals that are too high far in the future, or not specific enough. When I teach about manifesting, one of the core principles is that you set a statement (an action statement that can also be used as an affirmation) that is set as if it is true now, you have to be able to picture it, and it has to be extremely specific. For example if I say “I want to finish my course sometime in October,” this would lead me to being wishy-washy about when in October, and it doesn’t feel like something that is true to me right now in this moment. Now, when I change the goal to “I finish my manifestation course by October 8th,” the action statement finish is the present tense and October 8th is a specific action attainable goal/date.

Issue number two; most people don’t look back at their goals, so they do not set smaller action goals to get there. When you set smaller goals to move you toward larger goals you have a better feel on the emotion behind why you want what you want, so you are aligning yourself from a place of passion, and you simply do not get overwhelmed feeling like how am I ever going to do this.

So again, my question to you is; how often do you look back at your goals? Take today to look at previously set goals. Decide if they still fit for you. Adjust them to be actionable in the present moment. And decided some small steps to get you there!

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