Everything You Need To Know About Moon Charging Your Crystals.

Why charge your crystals to the moon?

It is the safest method for charging your crystals because it wont damage any of them. Crystals can be particular in the way they like to be charged, and they can be damaged, bleached or even destroyed if they are charged by the wrong method. (ex. charging a crystal with water that is water soluble like selenite which will dissolve it, or a hued crystal like amethyst in the sun for too long which will cause bleaching.)

Do I need to charge them to every full moon?

No. Use your intuition with it. There are plenty of other charging methods you can use in between moon chargings or instead of, such as smudging and use of sunlight (avoiding hued quartz), moon charging just happens to be very powerful and very effective.

Why the full moon?

Technically you have 3 days around the full moon to charge. The day before, the day of, and the day after which are all strong lunar cycle days. One night is plenty, even the few hours closest to the actual full moon time is the best. If I catch the actual time of the full moon, I only leave my crystals out for 2-5 hours. Generally speaking though, overnight is best.

What if its winter?

Your stones come from the earth they will be fine, don’t worry about it being too cold. However, if you have a crystal that is at or under 5 on the Mohs scale (meaning soft) I would avoid putting it right in the snow due to the fact that it may be water soluble (use a box or some type of barrier.) Also avoid putting metallic rocks like pyrite, magnetite or anything with iron or copper in the snow. Water and metals do not mix because their composition is easily changed they are unstable.

What if I cant put them outside, or don’t want to?

You can always put them in a window that is facing the moon. It is not as powerful but a great option.

What if I cant physically see the moon?

If there are clouds, not to worry, the energy from the moon is still going to radiate through them.

Can I put jewelry out?

Yes. Charging your jewelry is great and you should, just make sure you put them in something before putting them out. I typically put my smaller items in the window.


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