The Full Moon in Aquarius (Full Sturgeon Moon) shines light on a few core themes:

  • Our identity (especially parts of ourselves we have outgrown)
  • Being ready to embody our truths (being open and honest about our true selves and sharing this with others)
  • Shifting our perspective around things that aren’t working in our lives
  • Being persistent with our dreams and manifesting our desires
  • Ways we are holding ourselves back from living our best lives

During this full moon you might find yourself taking inventory of your life to see what is not working. Don’t be afraid to look at each piece or player in your life and ask yourself is this working for me? Am I living my best life in every single area of my life? Because friend, the truth is, we are meant to!

This focus on living your best life may leave you with some exposed core wounds– am I worthy of my desires, am I worthy of love, am I enough? These fears and doubts can best be uprooted during the full moon when the moon brings light to what is normally hidden in the darkness.

Work with this affirmation to start: All good things are coming to me.

Aquarius is powerful energy to help us push through and manifest exactly what we desire, but if we are not clear on what that is, we can manifest a whole lotta nothing. So now is also the time to get clear.


Aquarius energy helps us surface deep seeded desires that we normally would tell ourselves are unattainable, crazy, or just too big to ever create. Bringing your deeper desires to the surface allows you to become who you truly are, and when you share them with the world, they change how our worlds interact with us. When we bring light to our crazy dreams or BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious, goals) they help us lighten our energy and align to our soul path-purpose. When we hide layers of ourselves in any way (in any area of our lives) we create stuck energy that keeps us manifesting the same mismatched outcomes, which is a more frustrating theme of this full moon.

If you have felt like you have been running in circles only to end up back at the same place, the Aquarius energy is coming through to help you identify this pattern and then look at it with a new perspective which will lead you to doing things with a new approach. This new approach will bring you to new outcomes that finally feel like they align. The key– you have to be willing to give up your old way of doing things, don’t fight it. Its time to look at your situation with fresh eyes, and if you’re struggling in this process try to focus on what you want to create with joy, imagine how it feels (or will feel) to create instead of focusing on the how which ultimately will work itself out if the venture is divinely guided.



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