Fill Up Your Cup; A Recipe for Self-Care

You deserve to be pampered! It is so important that as healers we take the time to give ourselves a break, and some recuperating time. Take some time out from your busy day for some self love.

Here is my holistic tools bath time pamper me recipe:
Fill you bath with warm water and 2 cups of Epsom salt
Put 5 drops of lavender diluted in 2 cups of milk in the water
Put 5 drops of Breathe diluted within the same 2 cups of milk in the water
Add some dried sage into the water
Put crystals of your choice in the water.

My favorites; healerite, fluorite, clear quartz (make sure the crystal you choose is ok to be in water.)

Spray the room with aromatherapy spray! To make one see my post on Auric Detox Sprays. 



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