First some moon basics..

🌘 The moon rules emotion because of its phases or cycles and some say because it has a pull on water (the tides) and we are mostly water it affects us too

🌘Depending on your unique astrology (natal chart) you may be more tied into the moon phases than you think. If you are a cancer sign you are ruled by the moon entirely.

🌘Each full moon monthly also has a astrological sign it correlates with (because as the moon moves through its cycles, it also moves through the astrological wheel)

🌘The new moon is a great time for a new beginning, new projects and goal setting.

🌘If you are feeling very energetic then its probable the full moon is near- the full moon is the peak of all the energy on earth.

Some crystals can to help you with your connection to the moon, and help you to respect your own personal phases/cycles:
Moonstone- Moonstone as the name suggests is linked to the moon, but it is also a Crystal of joy, so if you find yourself drained or frazzled at times of the moon cycle this can help.
Selenite– Selenite is linked to the water, and named after a moon. It is a high up spiritual stone that can help align you with the universe.
Moldivite- Moldivite is a crystal made from astral composite crashing into the earth. This is commonly faked, so look out.
Black Moonstone- black moonstone unlike rainbow, or white is linked to magic and mystical side of the moon. It will also link you to the goddess energy within yourself.
Pearl, Abalone- all things from the sea and bodies of water can link you to the moon because the moon rules bodies of water through the tides. Shells, and pearl can help you ease into the cycles of the moon with grace, and help you to understand that things are all fluid. Go with the ease, be in the flow.


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