Ever feel like the majority of your time is spent in your car? I do! 👋 Whether you travel for work, are a busy mom carpooling kids, or simply just a busy person, you can turn your car into your own personal sanctuary.

Let crystals make your car a place where you bring your mindfulness instead of a place you go that causes you to loose your mind 😳 #stoptheroadrage

Here is my recipe for making my car a sacred space;

Fluorite: fluorite dispels and transmutes negative energy, it’s like having an instant barrier around your space where negativity cannot cross. It will help you to feel calm and peaceful in your vehicle, and also helps with brain function so you will be relaxed and focused as you get from point a, to point b.

Citrine: Citrine will help you to stay awake and alert. It stimulates energy to move throughout your body, so you will be a cautious driver.

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is also called the ‘master healer’ it is good for just about every type of crystal application, but I keep this one in my car for amplifying clarity, balance, and safety.


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