About Crystals for Mom

As a mom, you wear many hats, and on top of that, you’re constantly worrying about your kids and the challenge of parenting them as they change rapidly from day to day. You are there to help them process their emotions, deal with the toxic energies around them, create a healthy view of their world, and on top of that deal with all of their owies, and boo-boos!

Let the natural, healing power of crystals help YOU align your energy, calm your mind, and cultivate a routine of self care so that you can fill your own cup. Crystals can also provide a remedy for all that your kids are experiencing, so you can keep them open to all the joy and happiness this world has to offer!

Cherish each moment with your little one with this go-to guide that explains all the many benefits of crystals and how each crystal has a unique purpose which can help you create a calm and more fulfilling life.

In Crystals for Mom, you’ll learn to select, prepare, and use crystals for meditation and energy healing and learn tips and tricks to share with your kids, so they too can benefit from the positive energy of healing stones. Ready to Get Started?

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About The Author

Jenn Morgan is a crystal luminary who combines her unique array of trained energy healing modalities with her intuitive knowledge of crystals to help women reclaim their authenticity so they can become empowered and live with purpose.

Jenn is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500Hr ERYT), Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP), Life Coach, Crystal Healer, and is trained in many energy healing practices from Reiki to IET. Morgan is also the founder of the Soul Filled Yogi Metaphysical School an online academy dedicated to helping lightworkers gain the skills and confidence they need to become credible healers. When not found writing, or creating new courses, Jenn can be found in the garden with her two kids, or as a foodie exploring the world one town at a time with her husband.