Struggling with energy?

I get it. Some days I question if I will make it through without coffee (or a whole pot of it!)

But, there are some tools I have learned to use that are much better than coffee ☕️

Coffee uses caffeine to give you a boost, it doesn’t address or adjust the overall energy levels in your body, its simply a quick fix. And while yes, it taste great, there are MANY things out there that can give us that fire under our butt motivation without spiking our blood sugar (increasing glucose and insulin) and leaving us with the jitters.

Imagine now that everything in the world is vibrating just like that jittery feeling coffee brings. Well, it actually is! Everything has a vibration. Some higher some lower. When you bring something that has a high vibration into your auric field (near to your body) it can actually boost your vibration.

Two tools that you can use with high vibrations buzzing with energy are; carnelian stone, and the Motivate (doTerra Brand) essential oil. Carnelian a bright orange crystal the color of creative energy will bring more blood flow through your body, boost your immune system and energize your auric field.

Motivate, a blend of; Peppermint, Clementine, Coriander, Basil, Melissa and more, is an uplifted. This oil will get you into action, motivated, passionate, creative and energetic.


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