Crystals for abundance.

When you vibrate on a frequency of gratitude you can move towards abundance and away from lack. Seems like easier said than done right? Here are some crystals that can help you to move away from the fear, doubt, and old stories around money that can keep you in a place of lack, so that you can move into abundance.

Citrine; citrine is called the abundance crystal. Those with retail shops should keep this at the cash wrap or in the cash drawer. It amplifies prosperity in all ways, not just monetary.

Peridot; peridot is a beautiful bright green crystal that is made from volcanic activity. There are even peridot beaches where the sand is all peridot. Peridot resonates with the heart chakra, it will help you to get into a place of gratitude, balance, renewal, and rebirth/growth.

Jade; jade comes in many shades of green, it also is a crystal of the heart chakra. It helps love, generosity, and stability.
You could hold on to theses crystals, wear them, or grid them.


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