Looking for something to freshen up your home? You can create crystal aura sprays to cleanse your home and your body. Your aura is the area around you, imagine it like a vibrational field. Sometimes other peoples energies can come into that feild and impact it, or energies in your environment can alter it. So, to get you back to your root/ optimal vibration, we can use crystals and essential oils as holistic tools.

Creating a crystal elixir is simple. Start by getting a glass spray bottle (they sell these at most grocery stores in the naturals section.) Then fill it with purified (distilled) water. When selecting a crystal to place in your water-first make sure you have cleansed and charged your crystal-take a look at where or what you intend to use your spray for. Choose a crystal that makes sense for that intention and drop it into the water. Then find an essential oil that also matches that intention, or you feel would amplify the crystal, or even just based on your intuition- what you are drawn to. Now, drop in 3-5 drops of oil, shake it up, and spray!

Here are some of my favorite recipes and purposes:
Personal Body Aura Cleansing and Protection- Lavender, Peppermint & Amethyst
Psychic Protection & Grounding- White Fir & Smokey Quartz
Uplifting & Intuition- Orange, Frankincense & Clear Quartz
Communication- Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Peppermint & Eucalyptus


Interested in crystals feeling a little less woo-woo and more every day applicable in your life for more balance? The Crystal Healing Certification is the perfect place to start; beginners welcome! You’ll learn how to apply crystals to many areas of your life (including emotional balance, chakra balancing/ releasing of that ‘stuck’ energy, home energy flow so your place has #allthegoodvibes, crystals to help your business/finances prosper, how to make crystal grids, and so much more!) AND if you want to become a healing practitioner this course provides you the foundation to practice crystal healing on others safely (PLUS you get to add ‘CCH’ at the end of your name when you graduate, how cool is that?) Will you join us? click here: Join The Crystal Healing Certification

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