Crystal healing for kids!

Crystal healing is very effective on little ones, but as always energetic consent is a must.  Anytime we heal anyone or anything it’s important that we respect energetic boundaries.

So, how can we get consent from an infant or toddler?

There are many ways to go about this. The easiest is to put crystals by them and see if they are open enough to the energy to reach out or touch them – not only is this telling you they approve but it may also give you an indication as to what they need help with because they are more intuitive than adults.

If they reach for a specific colored crystal you can gain precious information about a Chakra that could need a little extra help or something that is causing them physical discomfort.

The next step after gaining consent, is to get them to be still.

The easiest thing to do for this, is to actually allow them to move around freely and work around them. It allows them to feel comfortable and at ease.

Give them something to play with and test their chakras as they move about. Then as you apply crystals be playful, move with them, show them what you are doing and watch their body energy shift.

*Please make sure you are always watching them when you have crystals around. Crystals are a choking hazard.*


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