This morning I had a great yoga practice. I have, despite all excuses not to, joined in on our studio’s 40 Day program and currently am going strong in week 4 (out of 6.) For those of you who are not familiar with this program based off of Baron Baptiste’s book 40 Days To Personal Revolution, the concept is simply- if you can do something for a commitment of 40 days then you form a new habit. In the studio program you commit to 4 practices a week and 1 workshop. Thus far I have been stuck in an excuses phase. I made excuses why I shouldn’t join; I’m stressed planning the Rochester Yoga Festival, I’m 6.5 months pregnant, I’m tired and the list goes on. I signed up anyways. Each week I have procrastinated, waiting until the end of the week to start taking my first of 4 yoga classes causing me to have to practice 4 days in a row, making the excuses; I’m to tired to practice today, it is a Monday, I worked in the office today and it was #toomuch, #canteven, I’m teaching today, and on and on. Through this experience I have realized my default is to make excuses.

When I am out of alignment with myself, out of my ‘True North’ if you will, I fall out of integrity with myself and the commitments I make to myself. Furthering on my trending habits, I have noticed that there is something redeeming that is happening in the struggle and the excuses- I show up anyways, I go anyway, I drag my ass out of my pregnant stupor and go the F*** anyways. Why? Because in doing something uncomfortable and staying anyways the journey begins- the journey to coming back to True North Alignment not in the physical body but on the emotional playing field. It is an awareness for me that I am out of alignment and a choice to get back in. In class today the teacher (one of my great friends and an amazing teacher) said, “it doesn’t matter how many times you get unfocused, if you come out of focus 100 times come back in 101.” Precisely- its how we take it, yes we are going to get distracted, yes we wont want to get on our mats, yes some days suck, but you can keep showing up, keep coming back, keep finding your eye gaze, and keep dropping the excuses. You can be firm in what you know to be true in your heart and every time you do snap out of it for a second, you can get back in.

This practice of yoga is a mirror for our lives, we are practicing being unmovable, unstoppable, non-reactive, non-swayed in the face of challenge and adversity. That is the real work.

Where are you making excuses? Can you show up anyways? Fall 100 times, get back up 101?

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