I coach entrepreneurial souls who are struggling with creating effective, soul-centered businesses. I work with females who are perpetually burnt out in their business, and arent making their desired income, but who are ready to do things differently by discovering lasting clarity around their brand, messaging, offering, and calling, which attracts clients, leads to 6 figure incomes, and more freedom!

Programs so you can start killin’ it in your Spiritual Biz:

I (nor anyone else) expects you to know everything! That is not realistic. As an entrepreneur I am honestabout the fact that I had to seek some outside guidance to learn what I know now. My business was built around my God given strengths, but then I invested in myself to make strengths where there were weaknesses or confusion. In order to have financial freedom and create a product package for a successful business you need to have a plan, clear messaging, brand clarity, and systems that work to get clients. Working directly with me as a mentor, we will take a serious look at what makes you different and unique, where your heart-centered passions lie, as well as teachable areas. We will break down a strategical financial plan with actionable items, create a sales pipeline (with multiple streams of income) and create systems, and automations so you can take your time back and free yourself of your ‘have to be on 24/7 for things to work’ mentality.

You may be asking ‘How?’

It can be overwhelming when we look at the end game. And it can easy take us out of that soul-centered place and into panic mode. Progress is in the little, effective, potent steps.

I don’t want you to go at it alone. I don’t want you having 14 hour days of stress, force, and burn out draining you.

That is why I am here. Together we will create these customized plans, systems, and a strategy for everything from your income to your marketing. You wont get stuck in trying to teach yourself everything, trial and error, countless hours of trying to figure it out.

You’ll have someone in your court handing you the steps to success. A plan that really works.

And if you have been feeling stressed, alone, and confused- your sign has already arrived.

You are not in the flow. Something needs to change.

So, lets get you there. Ready to receive guidance, a plan, and abundance?

Are you ready to effortlessly run the soul driven business with purpose of your dreams?

It took me countless businesses, a lot of coffee, and years of trial to figure out the precise way to make things work effectively so that I didn’t have to work 24/7. I was able to make my part-time business bring me a full-time income, in less than 1 year.

I am able to have time for leisure (to take some yoga classes), to raise a family, and have fun while making money because of the systems I put in place.

Let’s not waste a year, or two, or more,  let me show you how you can do this in weeks, and make the 6-figure income you desire by this time next year or even sooner.

My 1-on-1 Coaching is perfect for women seeking; clarity, purpose, direction, actionable tasks that work, a following, spiritual business alignment, tech and graphic training, and tools to stay soul-centered during the journey.

>Lets start growing your empire now.

>You need clarity in your business.

>You need a strategic plan.

>You need steps that are going to work and keep you from pulling your hair out.

>You need to minimize your time investment and maximize your potency for profit.

>You need tools for constant alignment and that soul-centered glittery feeling so you don’t end up resenting your business.

>You need to know how to build a website, and learn graphic design skills in a simple format.

>You need freedom.

>You need income.

>You are seeking abundance.



Let’s see if we will be a good fit, and then if we are, we are going to really dive in, get deep, and make some magic happen!

During our discovery call together, we will assess your goals, and discuss where you can find clarity in your business around structure, branding, messaging and around your offer.


Payment plans are available.

My System

Clarify- We will get clear on what exactly drew you into starting a business, what you define as success, and what your life purpose is so that we can structure your business around this. This causes you to feel deeply fulfilled and get motivated instead of being in fear or bogged down with stagnant energy that makes you feel like giving up.

Simplify- Most of the people I work with are multi-faced, meaning they have a lot of passions, and they throw a lot out there without a clear idea of how these things come together to paint a clear picture to their target market or ideal client. This leaves the client feeling confused, and leads to you not making money. We will simplify you process so that it makes you money!

Intention– We will align you with the integrity of your business and implement strategies so that you are not just throwing shit to the wall and hoping it sticks. Intention then action are everything.

Attraction- We will take a good look at who you want to attract and formulate everything you do from your messaging, and branding to your offerings around this person. This will draw in your ideal client and with a little manifestation you’ll be waking up to money each money. Could you imagine making money as you sleep? Literally!

+ Magic- We will assess what blockages are preventing you from attracting abundance. We will work in accordance to your unique design (which combines astrology + your archetype) so you can work smarter and more in alignment vs. harder, we will assess your feminine and masculine energy balance and how it impacts your business, and we will discover if you have and connections to past decisions that are negatively affecting the outcome of your progress and growth (soul realignment + Akashic Record access.)

You can have an online sacred biz, a soul-centered gorgeous income, stay home with your family, have freedom to travel (check all All of the above!) You’ll learn online business strategy, social media marketing, how to grow your online presence, how to provide a unique and engaging product package, and have access to printable resources that will provide you with results for years to come. You are deserving of a life you love, a career that sparks your soul, financial freedom, and time to do what you wish with.

After years of owning multiple businesses I would see my energy drain, my commitment dwindle, and my emotional investment wavering. I could not figure out why this was happening, why I would perpetually burn out, or why success was not seeming to walk my way. I had a business building websites, a clothing business (which landed me listed as one of Scion’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the country), a branding and marketing business, and worked jobs in public relations, marketing, and trade shows, but my interest was always in holistic health; yoga, energy work, tools for self-healing- yet I never went for creating my business around that stuff.

One day I realized, I had seen this stress, this struggle, this burn out somewhere before. I grew up with it. My father an entrepreneur too (and his father, and fathers father as well) I had watched first hand as year after year he tried and forceful made his business work. And the missing link right then snapped right into place—our hearts weren’t in it. My father resented his business because his heart wasn’t in it, it took him away from hours with his family, countless experiences, and seemed more like force than a flow. He constantly fought to reinvest himself in a business that just wasn’t him by introducing new products, technologies, and employees, but that feeling of alignment never seem to come.

I was trying hard, I was working against the flow of abundance and my own alignment because all of my businesses and jobs were grown off ‘what I thought I should do’ ‘what would be the next logical step in my career’ ‘what people think I should do’, ‘what would make people think I was successful’ and my own ego seeking approval, and praise from others, instead of what I knew to be true in my heart, doing a job in line with my life’s purpose, helping others, and something that was Universally led.

I couldn’t come into abundance because I hadn’t put myself on the path to receive- force, feeding your own doubts, and feeling of lack- is the most counterproductive thing you can do when you are looking to receive. My new mission was born.

Find my life’s purpose and get into it. I dropped my businesses (which happened to bring me some amazing skills I use and teach now) and delved into holistic health, I became a Certified Crystal Healing, IET Master, Reiki Provider, Lifestyle Blogger, Course Provider, Educator, and Certified Metaphysical School, and suddenly my life and business took off faster than my wildest dreams. I got clear on my messaging, which make me confident in my potential, and earning capability. I established a new relationship with money, knowing I was worth it, thus causing money to flow my way.

I found balance and purpose and soul centered vibes towards my steps building. I learned that each part of my journey gave me a piece of what I needed to create an empire. I put in place systems to support my sales pipeline. It was working, and effortlessly! This sacred business became an epiphany–I need to teach other soul centered entrepreneurs how they can have a sacred business and make a gorgeous income from it. You can have freedom in your life, and still make money, and have time for your family and friends. My goal is to get you to a place of clarity, to act, and then most of all to put to bed once and for all your fears, doubts, blockages, so you can come into your authentic business and abundance.

Who business coaching is for:

You are ready for life coaching if; you are ready to discover patterns in your life that may be sabotaging you from moving forward, you are ready to let go of old patterns that aren’t serving you, you are in search of your path in life, you have some ideas for things that you may want to be elements of your career but aren’t sure how to combine them/ make them marketable, you are seeking help marketing yourself or your business, you have fear doubt based thoughts you are ready to part with, you feel unworthy of LOVE, a spiritually led career or your gifts, you are seeking your PATH, you want to live a fulfilled SOUL FILLED LIFE. You are willing to take full accountability for your life and your progress in this program. You know you are here to do something big with your life and you are ready to step into your own BIGNESS.

What to expect from soul alignment 1-on-1 business coaching:

You can expect life coaching to; CHALLENGE you, help you create new patterns and good habits or a routine, help you discover your purpose on this earth, help you to get inline with your core desired feelings and live a life full of things that help you feel that way every day, help you to feel supported through your journey, to bring up gifts you didn’t even know you had, to help you use your gifts to design and MANIFEST the life of your dreams, guide you towards your truth AUTHENTIC SELF and help you find your voice to share that, to bring you into ALIGNMENT with your SOUL.


Each coaching package is specifically tailored to your business goals, and your unique life path.

Free Clarity Call: In this call you will discover that you are on the very brink of living your life to your full potential and expressing your true soul. We will get a feel for each other and decide if we are a good fit.



What my Clients are saying:

I was on a back and forth path for a long time. I would be headed one step in the right direction, then I would take three or four steps backwards. Once I had an opportunity to take a yoga class with Jenn, I knew I had to connect with her in some higher way. She not only inspired me by speaking her truth while leading us, but her story was so relatable, amazing and inspiring as well. I knew I needed a strong mentor/life coach to help guide me and steer me in the right direction and I felt that Jenn would be a perfect fit for me. Jenn has been an amazing friend who has given more than just her time and knowledge to help me achieve a higher purpose in my own life. She is genuine and great to talk to and since we have been working together I feel very confident in the life choices I have been making. Mostly because they are soul filled, from the heart and guided by a great mentor. -Brett R.

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