What if I am not a coach, healer, or do not have a spiritual business can I still be benefit? 

Though I specialize in spiritual business I also work with clients with physical products, those in direct sales, other types of coaching (Life coaches), those who are interested in a more spiritual walk for their own self healing, ect.  I work with anyone who fits into the pillars of my teaching; is looking for more clarity, need to simplify, want to live a life of intention, and attract what they want more of into their lives.  The biggest thing is that you are ready to stop living with limiting beliefs, raise your vibration and move towards a more aligned life path.

I dont know where I need to start or what exactly I need clarity on?

Perfect, we will peel you like an onion to see what barriers are underneath so that we can bring them to light and make for lasting change. I also do Soul Realignment which will help us both to see if there is anything under the surface which is preventing you from moving forward. After we assess this we can then remove these ‘invisible barriers’ so that you can move forward along a clearer, non-obstructed path.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, we will find something that fits for you and chat more about this during your clarity call.

I have worked with other coaches before, what makes you different? 

If you are ready to do the work, and show up and be accountable, and to really commit to this process, I will hold you accountable and you will see results.  My strategy seems simple but it will make you wake up to what you haven’t been able to see,  have been unwilling to look at or need to process so that we can get to the root of what is causing your business to not be as successful as you want it, then we will create strategies, simplify and implement your new clarity in unique ways that align you completely to your business.

What are the pillars of your process?

  1. Clarify- We will get clear on what exactly drew you into starting a business, what you define as success, and what your life purpose is so that we can structure your business around this. This causes you to feel deeply fulfilled and get motivated instead of being in fear or bogged down with stagnant energy that makes you feel like giving up.
  2. Simplify- Most of the people I work with are multi-faced, meaning they have a lot of passions, and they throw a lot out there without a clear idea of how these things come together to paint a clear picture to their target market or ideal client. This leaves the client feeling confused, and leads to you not making money. We will simplify you process so that it makes you money!
  3. Intention– We will align you with the integrity of your business and implement strategies so that you are not just throwing shit to the wall and hoping it sticks. Intention then action are everything.
  4. Attraction- We will take a good look at who you want to attract and formulate everything you do from your messaging, and branding to your offerings around this person. This will draw in your ideal client and with a little manifestation youll be waking up to money each money. Could you imagine making money as you sleep? Literally!
  5. + Magic- We will assess what blockages are preventing you from attracting abundance. We will work in accordance to your unique design (which combines astrology + your archetype) so you can work smarter and more in alignment vs. harder, we will assess your feminine and masculine energy balance and how it impacts your business, and we will discover if you have and connections to past decisions that are negatively affecting the outcome of your progress and growth (soul realignment.)

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