(January 23rd 2017)

Chakra Balancing Challenge with Jenn Morgan, The Soul Filled Yogi

Are you a stressed out mom who needs a better self-care routine so you can be more present with your family and less short-fused?

Are you working a job that is draining you, and are ready to make a big transition but feel halted about the unknown?

Are you chronically over-worked, under-served, tired, and feel like you are sleep-walking through your day?

Do you feel like you are self-sabotaging your own progress because of old traumas and experiences, and are ready to change the pattern, but dont know how?

What do all these things have in common? All of these areas of stress, and constant fight-or-flight that we experience cause cellular blockages in our bodies that we can assess, and balance by looking at the chakra system.

This FREE CHALLENGE is a private 5 day Facebook Group, specially created for you to find balance.  You will learn how to stop being stressed and burned out by finding ways that work for you to easily and effortlessly find balance in your life. You’ll get to know me, and get to know the chakra system deeply, and how it is a gateway into finding alignment and our purposes.

Topics we will chat about: 

  • Chakras 1-7
  • Additional Chakras
  • Personal Power & Empowerment
  • Daily Routines & Habits
  • Holistic Healing Tools
  • Self-Love & Self Development
  • How to assess blockages, deficiencies, and adjust them

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