10 Week Online Self Paced Modular Certified Crystal Healing Course (CCH) best for those who like a slower-paced more reading based course.

Course Curriculum Click here to view 

  • Self Paced Online Course, with PDF Print Function and Free Business Materials

  • You’ll get a Certificate of Completion, and  ability to use the suffix “CCH” at the end of your name. (Example: Jenn Morgan, CCH)

Optional Course Materials:

  1. The Crystal Healer, by Phillip Permutt

  2. Modern Essentials, by Aroma Tools

  3. Emotions and Essential Oils

  4. Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber

Note: If you cannot order all of the books, some of these are offered through Amazon for free viewing.

Required Materials:

  1. A Quartz Crystal Pendulum on a solid chain, or a Clear Quartz Wand

  2. A Chakra Crystal Healing Set; clear quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, green adventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, smoky quartz, black tourmaline

Required Course Materials: 

  1. The “Essential 4” Essential Oils you will learn about in the course;

    • Breathe (or Peppermint)

    • Serenity (or Lavender)

    • Citrus Bliss (or Wild Orange/Lemon)

    • Balance (or White Fir/Frankincense)

To enroll: Place a 1 time 100PV order for a DoTerra Enrollment Kit


This course is going to change your life, and become your go to holistic tool for self-healing and healing others

Looking forward to helping you along your journey Shining Soul!


Shine and Love,

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