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Life Coaching + Inspiration

Band Aid Work

SPIRITUAL TRUTHS— Many spiritual professionals are doing what I like to call band aid work. Their work is based around GIVING people temporary empowerment (or quick satisfaction), or a symptomatic fix. Very much like how the pharmaceutical industry focuses on, and markets to symptom fixes. The problem is that the root of the problem is […]

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Starve Your Ego

SPIRITUAL TRUTHS— What we often assume is the Universe trying to teach us something, is just the Ego’s fight to stay alive. Ego keeps us in our small thinking. It is created through everyday interaction, situations and events in our lives that become internalized— things WE make mean something as opposed to taking everything at […]

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Give Up Fear Gain Everything

SPIRITUAL TRUTHS— Its time you stop playing small. YOU are your biggest obstacle. YOU make excuses for yourself. YOU make your own circumstances. YOU squash your manifestation. YOU form your beliefs about yourself, and everything else. YOU have the power to drop your biggest obstacle, and believe instead. YOU can shift your mindset from limited […]

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