Are you sick and tired of just dreaming about the life you want? It’s FINALLY time to create it! And YOU have landed in the right place because I’m going to show you how to do it.
Hi I’m Jenn. I help women who feel stuck and limited transcend their circumstances, so that they can re-awaken their inner light. I’ll guide you in becoming the best version of yourself by teaching you how to change your mindset, manifest a life that aligns to your identity, and see your world through eyes of new perspective. By connecting you to tools that will wake you up to your own power, you’ll learn how to consciously choose an awakened life which frees you from energy tied to experiences in life that you have outgrown.

Your Divine Sense of Self is calling you back!

About Me

I am the founder of the Soul Filled Yogi Metaphysical School, an author, mom, influencer and mentor to many. But Most Importantly Your Friend (which is why I am writing this about page and it’s not in some lame 3rd person format.) 
Whatever has brought you here…. I’ve been where you are. 
I know you are looking for something; a light to illuminate the dark tunnel you have been in, more energy to do what you have always dreamed of, or a connection that goes deeper than the surface level relationships you have in your life right now…

Let me tell you a story. My Story

I know what you’re thinking…Who is this fierce girl?
That was me.
And, Truth: at this point in my life, I was beyond depressed. I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t believe I had a purpose.
I was living in New York City, modeling. Pretty unrelatable right? I mean who complains about that…keep reading. Modeling was not glamorous AT ALL. My life revolved around a number on the scale, I ran from downtown to uptown (multiple times a day) to work two dead-end retail jobs and go to castings on my breaks IF I got them. And the worst part was, I was hustling like crazy and I STILL wasn’t getting jobs. Left feeling stuck in a vicious cycle, and hopeless, I knew something HAD to give because this wasn’t at all the life I wanted.
I had been given a one-way ticket to the #strugglebus and I had been riding it way too long.
I began a serious spiritual journey, a pilgrimage of sorts in the most millennial way possible (can you tell I favor sarcasm?) 
I did everything; I went to yoga daily. Had healing sessions from every type of healer one can imagine. Rediscovered my love for crystals which I hadn’t used since childhood. Smudged the crap out of myself and my apartment (funny, they never mention the part where you almost burn down the place and the fire department comes… Embarrassing.) Went to countless trainings and retreats all over the country. Moved to Italy, moved back. I really did it all….and spent WAY way too much money doing it.
What was my epiphany you ask? Realizing that all of these things were just tools to help me access what was inside of me all along, my Divine Soul Self.
I was in a dark place, but I had never really lost myself. I just needed some tools to help me develop new habits of self-care and mindfulness, tools to help me shed years of self-limiting beliefs that held me back, to finally let go of old experiences I had outgrown, tools to help me heal from complete physical and emotional burn out, and tools to help me release the energetic sludge that was piled on top of me from years of misalignment, in-authenticity, and believing all the crap people told me about myself plus the weight of what they expected me to do, all of which I didn’t really even want for myself. For YEARS I had told everyone yes to everything because no never felt like an option (I mean the world will literally cease to exist if I say no, right?)
How’s that for relatable?
Sound familiar?
This is what I share with others through my work. How to release what is not serving you to re-access your light. It’s more of a homecoming and less of doing a million and 1 things some enlightened guru told you to do.
It is all possible, I promise.
It just takes commitment to your personal alignment and your evolution.

Here on my website you will find tools that I have used myself and have developed a practice with. There is something for everyone. You’ll find my book, a membership platform, certifications courses, affirmation card decks, e-books, crystal information, full transformational coaching programs and so much more. This website is a place for your constant discovery, and also a place to find support during your journey so you don’t have to go it alone.  Just listen to your intuition, that’s all I ask.
If you’re just barely surviving you can become thriving.

Jenn’s Life Credentials

Jenn is a 500-Hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500HR, ERYT), a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), Certified in Reiki Level 2 and Integrated Energy Therapy Level 3, a Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Crystal Healer, and Certified in Natural Holistic Remedies. Her courses, and academy are accredited through the World Metaphysical Association, and Yoga Alliance. Jenn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications. She has over 7 years’ experience as an Energy Healer and over a decade of experience as a Business Coach & Strategist. She has been featured on Healing Crystals as a Crystal Specialist, and as a Top 50 Entrepreneur by Scion. When Jenn isn’t working you can find her enjoying a donut on her back patio or hanging out with her family gardening.

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