You may hear the word psychic and associate it with something that is out of the ordinary. However, we all have an inner voice and an intuition to a greater or lesser degree, but you may not recognize this to be a psychic power. Everyone has the potential to have some psychic intuition by simply listening to and exercising their intuition, which can also be called a ‘gut feeling.’ Whether you call it your ‘intuition,’ ‘psychic ability,’ ‘gut feeling,’ or ‘inner voice,’ this sense communicates with you to provide knowledge that you otherwise would have no way of knowing.

Whether you are a beginner tapping into your intuition for the first time through meditation or, an experienced listener, you can use healing crystals to amplify your receptiveness to these forms of communication.

Here are the top 10 best stones for strengthening your intuition:

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is said to nurture the spirit. Its high vibration is effective for heightening psychic abilities, stimulating creativity, and recognizing your personal power. Moonstone is also said to ‘reflect the moon’ and encompass the moon’s healing qualities and vibrations.


Aquamarine is linked to the element of water. It is calming, soothing and inspires letting go, as well as clear communication. This stone’s name means “water of the sea,” and was said to be the treasure of mermaids used by sailors for good luck and to ward off evil. Aquamarine helps to connect you to the sea, moon, and heavens which are reflected on waters surface. It allows you to explore your soul, deepen meditation, become aware of your own truth and accelerate the intellectual process through learning about oneself.


Dumortierite is a stone for enhancing brain activity and intellectual abilities by stimulating the pineal gland located at the third eye chakra. It is said to enhance psychic abilities by balancing the third eye, connecting it to higher chakras, and aid in accurate interpretation of psychic information.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a highly popular stone for intuitive and psychic work because of its ability to bring all chakras into alignments, and its unique qualities of balance (so much so that it never has to be cleared.) Kyanite is great for healing the whole body. Its high vibration is best for aiding in the development of spiritual and psychic gifts making it perfect for beginners. It allows the mind to go into a relaxed state for a deeper meditative experience.


Amethyst has been used throughout history for protection. The Ancient Greek used Amethyst to ward of drunkenness and alleviate pain. Today, it is best known for its abilities in aiding with the meditative state, purifying negative energy auras, and creating a protective barrier around the body when opening spiritually. This stone stimulates the third eye chakra and higher, which leads to development of intuition, creativity, passion, focus, and psychic ability.

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli has been used throughout history as highly coveted and important stone for transformation and links to the afterlife. Lapiz Lazuli was richly inlaid in the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen, referenced in the Old Testament, used by Catherine the Great to adorn her palace, powdered and used by painter Michelangelo, and seen as protection from the evil eye by the Islamic. This stone is said to bring inner peace, freedom from negativity, activation of the higher mind, and enhancing the desire for truth (specifically truth and honesty of the spirit).

Quartz Crystal

Though Quartz may seem like an ordinary stone because they are the most common in the world, they are highly useful for linking to the divine. Quartz have been seen since ancient times as a source of light to mankind, and a gift of Mother Earth because of their six (or more)-sided prisms ability to reflect the entire color spectrum. Quartz crystals open the mind and heart to a higher plan/ guidance, and allow the spirit realm to be translated into a physical form.


Labradorite is seen as the Stone of Magic and said to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis by Inuit peoples. It is helpful for self-discovery, intuition, psychic abilities, awakening one’s awareness of the inner spirit, and protection against misfortune. Labradorite helps telepathy, communication to spirit guides, and past life recall, as well as creating groundedness after tuning into these spiritual gifts.


Fluorite is typically used when working with the upper chakras to increase consciousness, anchor intuition into the physical plane, absorb unclear or negative energies, and harmonize spiritual energy. Fluorite brings mental clarity in unstable situations because it balances the chemistry of the brain. There are many colors of fluorite, but purple and green are among the most common. Purple is seen as the most helpful to focus on spiritual alignment because of its notably high vibration.

Celestite (Celestine)

Celestine (typically seen in a blue color) is seen as the stone to develop psychic abilities, and contact to spirit guides or guardian angels. Its high uplifting vibration makes is useful for deep meditation and communication with the spiritual realm.


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