Life Coaching

Have you ever wanted to know who you are at soul level? What your life purpose is, What path you’re supposed to be on, And exactly what’s preventing you from moving forward..

Soul Level Alignment + Clearing is designed to give you access to this information so that you can move through your life released from any misalignment with a completely unique blueprint customized to who you are at soul level by accessing your Akashic Records.

My technique of Soul Alignment Coaching + Clearing is designed to help access this information and move through your life with confidence. Release trauma, overcome mindset barriers, STOP self sabotage, and clear karmic patterns of misalignment.

 If you have felt like their is something hidden from your sight that is causing misalignment, preventing you from loving forward, or something that is derailing your physical, emotional, and spiritual progression…

You’re not wrong… If we have emotional, and spiritual baggage hanging around, we can be prevented from moving forward in our lives. This can display as being unmotivated, feeling stuck, cycles of emotions that we feel mentally disconnected from- we are unsure of why we are feeling the way we are, even cycles of depression and anxiety… My process brings the root cause of blockage into your awareness without you having to relive these emotional cycles or any of the traumas that may have caused them.

Imagine pressing a reset button on your life. This is what energy clearing at soul level does. We have been healing the WHAT- over and over- the result of what is going on at soul level, but my work gives you the WHY, and then clears it so your cycles of misalignment don’t keep happening perpetually over and over again.

Are you ready to know why you end up back at square one after soul searching time and time again? Are you for real, lasting soul advancement and an end to the emotional roller coaster you have been living on?

My Soul Alignment Clearing Program is a 3 Session Intensive, with a 21 day clearing process. Apply Now to put your name on the waitlist.


Praise for Soul Alignment:

EVERYTHING makes sense now. From the choices I’ve made in my life, the relationships that didn’t work, and even the more “personal” preferences… I can’t wait to clear all this shit from my soul & really get back to who I am supposed to be at soul level. I can’t wait to learn how to communicate with my spirit guides & figure out my purpose on this rock we call home. -Lexie V

I had been feeling disconnected from my spirit and path for a very long time. Jenn opened my eyes to signs that the universe has been trying to show me all along.“-Sylvia D.

Wow where to begin! This has confirmed that I am on the right path, and need to continue. Thanks for the direction, and for solidifying what I already knew, but at times doubted! I feel clear and ready to take on the world. -Kim D. 

When Jenn says this is a ‘reset’ on your life, she is completely telling the truth. Literally. My entire life I have worked to take a step forward only to be knocked back 3 or 4 steps. I’d try to save money, only to get a bigger bill than what I paid off.. you name it, I had Murphy’s Law, and all of the emotional issues that come with it. It seemed I was channeling every negative emotion from every person in the world. But, the biggest issue was feeling like I was missing something. Then I met Jenn and did clearing work, I felt as if I had a brand new soul, a new body, new feelings and new thoughts! I will be forever grateful and indebted to Jenn for this work, this opportunity. I am looking forward to the future truly for the first time in my life.  I’d trust her with my life.” -Loren E.

I feel like a brand-ass new person, I have been waiting for this my whole life…many lifetimes! THANK YOU!!“-Becky A.

Business Coaching

Your Energetic Footprint is the key to your alignment, but your action makes dreams become reality. Customized Programs to Help You; Find Your Spiritual Foundation, Reveal Your Sacred Alignment, Commit to Your Truth, Take Action!

My coaching is designed for entrepreneurial souls who are struggling with creating profitable, soul-centered businesses. My Sacred Alignment + Soul Attraction system combines your unique soul-level information (blueprint) and spiritual guidance with a custom strategy and structured systems that bring in clients, let you embody your authenticity, and allow for a healthy life/ business balance. 

What is a sacred business? A sacred business wakes you up to a bigger picture. Your purpose. The work your soul longs for you to do. You know that nagging you keep feeling deep inside you that says wake the EFF up- there is more to life here and you need to get to it!

Learn how by following your own authenticity you can strengthen your intuition and attract abundance in a FREE Passion Profile Session


You can live your life and have a thriving business. You CAN have it all. The way you run your business is the way you live your life. If you are married to your business, constantly fighting uphill to make money, and feel like you cannot step away from your business or things will crumble to pieces- something is wrong. You are not living a balanced life.

You became an entrepreneur for more freedom, right?Freedom isn’t being chained to a business that you hate, and if this feels like you, your business is not soul-aligned, something IS missing.

Learn how you can find alignment quickly, and tap into ease and flow in your life in a FREE Passion Profile Session

Soul Purpose Profile Session

Learn Your Life Purpose + Get on Track

You have taken out of the box spiritual courses that teach you spiritual tools to create a service but feel like it doesn’t fit you. Here is the honest truth #truthbomb, one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to alignment in your business. If you feel like your scatterbrained trying to come up with a package to offer your audience because of all you know now and have experienced through your spiritual walk, you’re not alone. You have all of these ideas in your head and no clue where to start.  Sound familiar?

With my coaching you’ll discover who you are at soul level and access your divine soul purpose. This allows us to see why you are not having lasting success and feel misaligned. Then the magic happens! We clear any misalignments and develop a game plan to get you on track to attracting clients, abundance, and passive income so you can release the hustle and live your life!

The Soul Purpose Profile Call was created so that you can: Get clear on your path. Access what is in the way , and find your unique formula to make magic. You’ll leave with a customized plan and offering to put into the world, that feels so energetically aligned that your excited to go out there and sell it.  Investment $222


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