In the land of spirituality there are so many people throwing around terms that they don’t know the truth of.

They haven’t studied it, they don’t know what the terms even really mean, yet they are tying to teach and lead others. They use terms to market themselves and give people shiny object syndrome.

It’s a shame really. It cheapens what spiritual, life coaches, and energy practitioners have trained for years, and years in.

Sometimes I feel like it’s the blind leading the blind out there. It’s drives me bat-shit.

It is unethical to be “healing” if you are not doing YOUR work. Not to mention we cannot heal anyone, we can only provide tools that perhaps end up leading to empowerment. But no one can empower you- YOU empower you!

It’s unethical to accept money for things you have no knowledge of from a place of feeding sides of your shadow or ego.

The terrain might seem ultaspiritual out there, but there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

And there are a lot of people looking for an excuse for why things aren’t changing for them.



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