You are a YOGA TEACHER Lightworker! What does this mean? Well, you probably have an innate ability or strong desire to connect with your body. Body movement and clearing stuck energy through rhythm is an ideal way for you to shift your energy. There is more to yoga than just body movement though, its connection with all five senses; sight, touch, smell, taste, and what we can hear. You may find that you simply like to enjoy the human experience, you might be a foodie, a fitness nut, or love music–anything that allows you to soak it all up. Your balance however comes from releasing old baggage through movement and grounding yourself to earth energy.

Struggles: you may find yourself NOT wanting to move your body even when its what you most need

Strengths: you have a good sense of inner truth that you really want to communicate to the world (even if you havent yet)

Lightworkers who are yoga teachers often find themselves teaching their students how process old baggage, open up their hearts, get grounded, and simply take a deep breath. They may also be called to use the element of earth in their teachings through yoga poses, or using crystals. Yoga Teachers help others to reset their lives, and commit to a practice that helps them cultivate balance every day.

The best course for you IS the: CrystalYoga Teacher Training

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