Lately the Universe has been moving me to write, and then write some more. Just when I thought I was done creating, this E-Guide popped out of nowhere. I wanted to share it because through all of my recent creations I am getting pulled in a certain direction and it feels really good. My message to you all today is do what you are being led to do. When you do this you set out on a path unique to you and it speaks to your souls authenticity and truth. If we let it the Divine will lead us to exactly where we need to be. Don’t be distracted by where others are.

Do what is in your soul and you will find content, and it will resonate with others. If you find yourself falling privy to focusing outward, shut yourself off from it for a bit, empty out so that you can experience the guidance that so badly wants to lead you. Guidance doesn’t come from this realm, so we have to be careful how much we fill our cups with what we see others doing and what we see going on around us; drama, distraction, judgement, perception.


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