Are you looking for connection with a group of women that get you and the journey you are on? Or maybe you are just looking for some real genuine friends?

In The Woo-Woo Women’s Circle we focus on getting grounded with spirituality, getting vulnerable, awakening our realness and growing our lives businesses through authenticity and true connection.

Each month you’ll have access to multiple offerings to support your journey:

New Moon Meetings; on the new moon of each month I’ll guide you through a release and intention setting ceremony and meditation

Full Moon Channel Meetings; on the eve of the full moon (or close to the full moon) I’ll provide monthly channeled messages from my guides to you (through the akashic records) and prompts to help you manifest your intentions from the new moon in a PDF journaling workbook for you to get deeply in tune with your soul and manifest in the full moon light (these will be kept on the ‘file’ section of our group)

You’ll also receive my monthly suggestions for full moon rituals in our shared group space.

 Voxer Support Chat; this is our place to LET OUR GUARDS DOWN and just share our souls, our struggles, and get nitty gritty so we can DO the shadow work, this is a group share space designed to conjure up the deep stories, fears, doubts, limiting self-talk, and things about ourselves that is time to reclaim..We also share our responses to

For all monthly meetings will be recorded and chronicled in a private facebook group for easy replay. Meeting dates and times will be listed in our shared Google Drive space. The Voxer app is available for download for both android and iphone.

Option 1: Monthly Price $44

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