Hearing all of the hype about the Super Moon but not sure what it all means? The Super Moon (Perigee-Syzygy)is a full moon, but is special because it’s when the moon (moons orbit) is the very closest to the earth (center) that it can be–and directly in line with the sun, this specific closeness happens pretty rarely, roughly every 30+ years (but there are other Super Moons that will happen from now until then, they just won’t be as close or powerful– 6% closer to the earth.)

The last Super Moon that was this close was in 1948. When we are in a Super Moon phase the moon looks bigger and brighter, especially during moon rise (when it is rising above the horizon line.) So, what does this mean in spiritual terms and astrology? Well, we know that when there is a full moon it increase the universal energy because it is the peak of energy- the Super Moon Super charges this causing there to be an overall cleansing. Bringing darkness (our weaknesses, faults, old baggage) into the light so that it can be transformed and released. It is designed to bring you into alignment and away from the places where you are not. Let this process work for you ✨🌕

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