What is a geode?

Crystal geodes can be a powerful tool for your tool kit whether you are a Crystal Healer, or just a crystal dabbler. Geodes have the healing qualities of clear quartz, nicknamed ‘the master healer,’ because it is a great all purpose healing stone. The bonus with a geode versus a quartz point is that a geode is many tiny points making them extremely powerful amplifiers of energy. You can use geodes in any room of your house to uplift the energy. You can also use them to charge others crystals by placing the Crystal you wish to charge in the center of the geode. Geodes also usually have secondary deposits like calcite, and chalcedony as well, so they have additional healing qualities- usually a feeling of balance and serenity. Did you know geodes also were once living creatures? They are metamorphic rock that started as prehistoric water creatures, that then got encased in layers of rock and created a chemical reaction over years- then ta-da you have a brilliant shiny geode! The uses for these amazing earth creations are endless💎


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