Have you ever felt like there is so much crystal information floating around out there and it can just get too overwhelming?

Have you ever asked yourself am I even using crystals correctly?

How about thought to yourself, there are so many crystals out there, I just need someone to clarify which one is the right one for me!?

Using Crystals The RIGHT Way for Beginners IS: 

    • A Life Changing How-To Course to Crystals Use
    • Going to Teach You How to Use Crystals for Real Impact in Your Life
    • A How-To on Using Crystals Bring Your Direction & Help You Clarify Your Purpose
    • Knowledge of Crystals and How to Apply Them in Your Life on a Daily Basis 
    • The Benefits of Crystals–Knowing What Crystals Heal What
    • What Each Crystal Can be Used For and How to Use Them

Value $99

You’ll Learn

  • Crystals for better sleep; tap into calm during my daily life to eliminate bad dreams
  • How to use crystals to increase your intuitive confidence
  • Which crystal can help you protect your energy 
  • Gratitude and self-love rituals with crystals 
  • Crystals to help you boost your self-esteem and make self-care habitual
  • How to use crystals to trust yourself more
  • Which crystals to use to manifest money and exactly how to use them to attract wealth
  • Living up to your highest potential using crystals
  • Strategies for creating the life of your dreams
  • Steps to using crystals for manifestation
  • Which crystals to use for chronic pain 

Plus How To:

  • Quickly identify more crystals and their healing properties and exactly how to apply them on or around the body
  • Cleansing, charging and storing crystals correctly
  • Selecting the right crystal: knowing which crystals are best to use for yourself or others that are best aligned to the energy of user

Value $99



What will I get out of this course that I can’t learn from reading crystal books and searching online? Yes, you could get some of this information from books or online resources, but typically not all in one place from a known and trusted crystal expert. I will share with you techniques I have practiced for over a decade, use in my own life and have seen work time and time again.

How is it different from other crystal courses? Or a Crystal Healing Certification Course? 

This course specifically focuses on HOW to use crystals and apply them to your daily life. So if you have been using crystals but haven’t seen their effects, or have crystals but don’t use the consistently or have crystals around but haven’t developed a practice with them, this is for you. Its application based and designed to help you gain confidence around using crystals as a heeling too that you ACTUALLY use in your life. This course is a great compliment for a crystal healing certification but does not take the place of a CCH course. A CCH course is designed to teach more in depth on this topic and help you to become a crystal healer who specializes in the technique of applied crystal healing for energy shift, release and chakra balance. For more on the certified crystal healing course, Click HERE.

Can I ask questions after the course is over? 

Absolutely, I always encourage my students to stay in contact with me and the other students in the course.

Value $99

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